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Aiming to deepen democracy and provide social peace on the values of participation and inclusion, the Cultural Studies Center for Peace – bakad was founded by a group of activists, academics, and artists with a civil society background who carry out rights-based work on September 1, 2021 in Diyarbakır.

Our association aims to spread the peace culture in Turkey with activities focused on scientific and artistic production directed to understand the structural and cultural background of social inequalities related to race, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity, religion/belief, age, and economic status specifically in Diyarbakır.

In line with these purposes and goals, bakad:

  • Publishes reports on violence, oppression, social exclusion, and discrimination faced by vulnerable groups and carries out advocacy activities.
  • Problemazites the possibilities of permanent peace in Turkey in the light of peace and conflict transformation policies carried out worldwide, imposed transitional justice, and community-based reparatory and transformative justice mechanisms.
  • Conducts cultural and artistic activities to create possibilities of coexistence.

We hope that these activities conducted by bakad will contribute to the elimination of structural and cultural inequalities and construction of a more democratic and fair society.