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Our association aims to provide a social cohesion rooted in understanding and respect between different lifestyles, cultures, and beliefs. Encouraging everyone’s participation and value, it aims to be empowered by diversity.


We care about the views and ideas of every segment of society and enhance decision-making processes with different perspectives. We encourage everyone’s participation in a democratic context.


We arrange our services and activities in a way that is easily accessed by everyone. Making efforts to eliminate obstacles, we aim to provide equal access to every community member.

multilingual production

To support cultural diversity and equality in communication, we present our content in more than one language. We encourage effective communication and sharing between different communities.


Our association does not discriminate based on race/ethnicity, gender/sexual orientation/gender identity, religion/belief, age, or other factors. We ground on egalitarian and fair behavior.

horizontal organization

We shape our decision-making processes in a participatory and horizontal manner. We respect the views of every individual and support the principle of democratic governance.

democratic decision-making/ control mechanisms

We adopt democratic principles during our decision-making processes and encourage participation. We attach importance to transparency and controllability of our decisions.

self-maintenance and monitoring community needs

We are sensitive to the community's needs, and we encourage the self-maintenance and solidarity culture. We take the welfare of community members into account.


We carry out our activities and decision-making processes transparently. We value information sharing to increase the trust and participation of our community.

non-violent communication

We maintain our communication in a nonviolent, respectful, and constructive manner. We support nonviolent communication within the community.

solidarity and sharing

We encourage solidarity and information sharing among community members. We aim to support one another and construct a strong community.


By regularly documenting our activities and progress, we provide references for accountability and future work. We monitor and develop the processes inside the association.